2016: A Space Odyssey


Today Rigatonis started working with Ms. O’Neill’s Ospreys on their planet research and project. Students will use last week’s research to create a poster and either an alien or a space probe/lander that either comes from, or will visit, their chosen planet.

Students began thinking about which recyclable materials they will need in order to design their creation. They should use the plastic bag (with the note attached) that went home on Friday afternoon to transport these materials from home to school. All materials should be in by Friday, November 11th.

We will continue to work on the projects this week. Building the aliens and space probes/landers begins next Monday during science at school.

Please save the date! Friday, November 18th from 10:15-11:00 students will present their completed projects.  You may stay for recess and lunch.  If you would like to eat school lunch on that day, please let me know by Thursday, November 10th.  

Our Year So Far

We are off to a wonderful start! We have been so busy learning about maps and Colchester, the Solar System, comparing and contrasting story elements, multiplication, writing narrative stories, and much more!

At Malletts Bay School, students are acknowledged for safe, respectful, and responsible behavior, and Rigatonis have already earned two classroom celebrations! We got to enjoy a technology period as well as a movie and popcorn.

This week on Election Day, students will get to vote for their All School Celebration! It should be another fun and busy week.