Important Announcements and Reminders

Our jar is full! Due to Rigatonis being safe, respectful, and responsible, we have met our goal within the first few weeks of school! Our classroom celebration will be pajama day this Friday, September 22.

A reminder to families that Open House is this Thursday, September 21, from 6:30-7:30. I look forward to seeing you all!

If your student has not handed in their Flynn permission slip, please send that in as soon as possible! Our field trip will be on October 2. If you would like me to send home an extra permission slip, please send me an email.

Our Monarch Caterpillar, Oreo

On Monday I brought in a caterpillar that was found in my garden last weekend. As a class, we decided his name would be Oreo. Oreo was crawling around and fattening up all day yesterday. When we came in this morning, he had turned into a chrysalis! I set up an iPad behind his cage before I went home last night, which took a time-lapse of him creating his chrysalis. Enjoy the video below!


Our School Year Begins!

Happy September! It has been such a great start to our year together. This week we have been focusing on the routines, rules, and expectations here at Malletts Bay School and in our classroom. We’ve explored our classroom library, learned about our classroom jobs, played some partner math games, and started brainstorming people and places to write about in our writer’s notebook. You should see our classroom jar so far! I can’t believe how many chips we’ve already earned for being safe, respectful, and responsible. I’m so excited to see where the weeks and months ahead take us. I can’t wait! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. See you on Tuesday!



Upcoming Events for the Last Week of School

Hi families! This week we have several special events happening.

Monday 6/12 – We will celebrate our summer (July and August) birthdays!

Tuesday 6/13 – Bayside!

Bayside Schedule:
10:15-10:50 – Park
11:00-11:45 – Swim
11:50-12:20 – Lunch
12:20-1:30 – Park
1:40 – Walk back to MBS

Wednesday 6/14 – Rigatonis earned a movie afternoon where we will watch “Finding Dory” with popcorn, and come to school in our pajamas with stuffed animals!

Thursday 6/15 – We have our MBS barbecue. We will eat lunch at 11:35.

Friday 6/16 – Our last day of school! We will watch the fifth grade talent show! Rigatonis will have lunch and recess at our normal time and be dismissed at 12:45.

It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of school! It will be hard to say goodbye, but I am so excited for these amazing third graders to do great things in fourth grade.

Thank you for all of your support this year! I have loved working with each of your children.

What a Week!

Happy Spring! The sunshine and warm weather has made all of us Rigatonis happy.

On Thursday at our all-school meeting, we were so lucky to have Ted Scheu visit us at MBS. We heard some of his poetry and even got to write a poem as an entire school.

Ms. Burke then announced that we had filled Oscar! Today we had our all-school celebration, which was an extra recess.

In addition to earning a school-wide celebration, Rigatonis also filled our class jar. We voted on a class soccer game, which we will have sometime next week.

On Monday we will go to the Flynn to see Ty Defoe, an artist who shares Native American teachings through storytelling, dance, and music. Today, we had a special visitor from the Flynn come to our classroom. Together we discussed and explored some of what we will see on Monday. We danced and did some of our own storytelling with our classmates.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Today, fifth graders from Mrs. Ellingson’s and Mrs. Boucher’s class came to work with our third graders. Be on the lookout as Rigatonis work toward the creation of their blogs with the help of our fifth grade buddies.

Spelling Updates

January Word Wall words were given last week. This test will be given on January 31st.

Some, but not all, Rigatonis have changed spelling groups. Today students were given their new group lists. This spelling test will be January 24th.

Students should be practicing both lists on Spelling City for homework!

All About the Abenaki

This week we have been been learning all about the Abenaki Native Americans in the past and the present. We discussed how they used to get food, how they would create shelter, forms of transportation, and clothes, and we talked about their relationship with the Europeans.

On Thursday, we had the privilege to see an Abenaki youth group perform on the drums. We had the opportunity to ask the coordinator of this youth group, Brenda, some of our questions.

img_2886 img_2885

Today the Rigatonis applied all of our new knowledge and started to create an Abenaki village.

img_2893     img_2892

img_2888 img_2887 img_2889

Next week we will talk about the Native Americans that belong to the Southeast region of the United States! It will be interesting to compare and contrast!


2016: A Space Odyssey


Today Rigatonis started working with Ms. O’Neill’s Ospreys on their planet research and project. Students will use last week’s research to create a poster and either an alien or a space probe/lander that either comes from, or will visit, their chosen planet.

Students began thinking about which recyclable materials they will need in order to design their creation. They should use the plastic bag (with the note attached) that went home on Friday afternoon to transport these materials from home to school. All materials should be in by Friday, November 11th.

We will continue to work on the projects this week. Building the aliens and space probes/landers begins next Monday during science at school.

Please save the date! Friday, November 18th from 10:15-11:00 students will present their completed projects.  You may stay for recess and lunch.  If you would like to eat school lunch on that day, please let me know by Thursday, November 10th.